———–> Welcome to the Home of II./JG77 “Herz As” ! <———–

  • Fly &quot;SEOW Italy 1943/4&quot; with II./JG77! Fly "SEOW Italy 1943/4" with II./JG77! The fight starts in autumn 2015 on IL-2 1946 HSFX7.03!!!
  • II./JG77 is Recruiting! II./JG77 is Recruiting! Ready to fly with the best? Then sign up here!

We are a group of virtual combat pilots who fly many different flight Sims. We enjoy flying tactically, with an emphasis on team work and fun.  We also enjoy reenacting actual WW2 battles with other squadrons in online wars. Our main focus is on the WW2 era & the IL 2 Sturmovik series:

-IL2 1946 (HSFX 7.0.12 Mod)

-IL2 Cliffs of Dover  (TF 4.31 Mod)

Please feel free to come on in & take a look around. We hope you enjoy your stay. Happy Hunting  ~S~ !